Reindeer Games (1) Lead: Jen The Tow Zone / C. Caccioppoli
Zuumba?! (2) Principal: Angel’s Lover / Police Officer 1AAA Productions / Ted
Waterfront (CBS) Principal: Hotel Concierge Waterfront Production / Ed Bianchi
27 Dresses Principal: Asian Bride Bridesmaid Production / Anne Fletcher
Your Blood for Paint Lead: Lauren (post prod.)     Ice Pick Productions / David Benedetti
The Tidewalkers Lead: Mia Stone Communications / Greg Stone
Once In A Blue Pill Principal: French News Reporter Lucky Quarter Productions / L. Reenstiema
3rd Shift Principal: Marie Turmoil Films Production / Christopher Grace
Life Without Green Principal: Saskia Aces Deuce Productions, LLC  / Ishai Setton
Boy Band Principal: Girl 2 Artigo Ajemian Films / Jon Artigo
A Strange Woman Lead: Woman Funny Games Productions / Chang Liu

(1) Winner for Top 10 of 72Hour Shoot Out, Winner for Best Original Theme, & Producer
(2) Writer



Chinglish (1) Zhao Lyric Stage
The Living Amelia Charlestown Working Theater
Kamioroshi Second Peasant Harvard University
Hookman Yoonji / Jiehae Company One
Heartbreak Hill Knees SLAMBoston
The Vagina Monologues “Crooked Braid” A.R.R.T.
R.A.W. (Cause I’m A Woman)(2) Asian Woman #4 (3) A.R.R.T.
Drive Thru(4) Bess A.R.R.T.
Claire Silva Reporter University of MA: Boston

(1) Elliot Norton Award Nominee & Ed Siegel’s Top Theater Choices of 2012
(2) Winner for Best Ensemble in “Life Lines”
(3) Winner for Best Character Performer in “Life Lines”
(4) Runner Up for Best Ensemble in “Life Lines”



List of conflicts available upon request



Dunkin Donuts
New York Sports Club
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Thompson English as a Second Language
Puma – “Holiday Heroes Fighting Game”



On Camera Auditioning Carolyn Pickman C.P. Casting
Scene Study Victoria Marsh & Ros Thomas Clark Training at Company One
Acting On Film Michael Fennimore UMass Boston
Acting For Professional Practice Michael Fennimore UMass Boston
Acting For Commercials Ann Baker Boston Casting
Chinese Folk, Traditional,&Martial Arts Chu Ling Chu Ling Dance Academy:
Advance Mandarin Wu Lao Shi Shi Da University (Taipei, Taiwan)
Conversational French Anais Kleiber Institut Catholique De Paris (Paris, France)



Psychology Jargon * Public Speaking * Improvisation * Serve Safe Certified * Teleprompter * Running Marathons * International Traveler * Mentoring High School Students * Billiards * Competitive Rowing * Cycling * Hula-hooping for 2 hrs * Amazing in Customer Service * Passion for Food* Flirting * Restaurant Owner * Making Wontons * Asian accent * Ice Skating * Rock Climbing * Snowboarding * Rollerblading * Swimming * Origami / Paper folding * Eating Cheese Until My Face Falls Off