Liz Eng is a film, television, and theatre actor who strongly believes in exploration and risk-taking, while portraying such varied roles as a spunky techie, a frustrated lipstick-lesbian, a curious and persuasive version of Eve from the famous biblical story, a woman who came to love her vagina, and a victim of domestic violence.

As a psychology major, a former competitive rower, an avid student of the Human Condition, and enjoys incorporating those talents into her roles. Liz was chosen over 100 other men and women rowers for a New York and Boston Sports Club print job. Today, you can view that photo of her rowing in the BSC: Newbury location of Boston.  Liz has used her abilities in other media as well, she was cast by Puma to portray Michelle Yeoh (Memoirs of A Geisha, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) for their website videogame.  In the game Liz applies her martial arts skills to fight off evil ninjas.  This game is made available for your entertainment on Liz’s website.

Liz has a thirst for knowledge, even teaching herself how to use a butterfly knife for an audition. During the audition, Liz readied the knife smoothly, and delivered her lines without ever breaking out of character.  The casting director, producer, potential cast member and director were so impressed by Liz’s commitment that they immediately cast her for the role.  The director commented: “When you pulled out the knife it was the moment for me!”

Liz discovered that her true passion for acting lies in its vivid storytelling, and the enormous potential to educate the audience. This was most impressed upon her when she was cast in Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues, where she was given the opportunity to speak out about the realities of domestic violence against women.  Bringing awareness to the issue and the endless cycle which is passed on from parent to child is the most empowering choice Liz has made in her career to date.

In the near future, Liz would like to co-star in an action movie while doing her own stunts.  As a student of psychology and the mind, Liz is always looking for opportunities to apply her deep understanding of the psyche in a role portraying a character with a cognitive disorder and / or a physical disability.